Nice to Meat you!

Korean BBQ

Our BBQ dining area provides built in comfort, perfect for a shared meal with loved ones. ideal for family gatherings, birthday parties or just a casual night out with friends.

The experience room further explores our unique variety of Korean cuisine through our premium quality meats paired with traditional Korean barbecue techniques. Discover a whole new world of culinary artistry straight from our diverse menu options in accompaniment of carefully hand selected wine.

Perfect for individual or group dining at our bar table or in-closed seating for special and private get-togethers. Please note that bookings needs to be done at least 2 days in advance.

** The experience room is currently not open. We’ll announce soon when it’s ready to take your booking.

Experience ROOM

Baulkham Hills Only

What sets us apart?

We have our very own built in dry-aging meat chamber where our specialised chefs cut and prepare all our premium quality wagyu beef. Our experience room provides a truly unique culinary palate where you can delve deeper into exploring the depth of flavour in Korean dishes.

Mission Statement

We seek to provide customers with a fresh, health and unforgettable experience of the wonders of Korean cuisine in our local Australian suburb. our venues offer the modern ambience of ease to customers who are experiencing their first Korean barbecue or for those who are frequent enjoyers. Our ultimate mission is to spread the joy of a delicious Korean meal.